Furazabol Androfurazanol Frazalon Miotolan 1239-29-8 for Fat Loss

Furazabol Androfurazanol Frazalon Miotolan 1239-29-8 for Fat Loss

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction Furazabol (also known as furanazoline; brand name Frazalon, Miotolan) is an analogue of synthetic metabolic steroid alcohols. By using furazan ring instead of pyrazole, it is different from azalazole. It has a c-17alpha methyl group that allows oral...

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Furazabol (also known as furanazoline; brand name Frazalon, Miotolan) is an analogue of synthetic metabolic steroid alcohols. By using furazan ring instead of pyrazole, it is different from azalazole. It has a c-17alpha methyl group that allows oral administration, causing some personal hepatotoxicity.

According to William Llewellyn, furazabol's cholesterol reduction is myth.

Furazabol was originally made in Japan with a 1 mg strength label. Dan Duchamp is very uncomfortable with this medicine, pointing out that he seldom sees any very large Japanese bodybuilder. I tend to agree, but let's take a look at it because it has become very popular since the price list of many underground laboratories has been reproduced.

It is painful to find information about this matter, because most of them are Japanese, and no athlete really uses it. Anyway, with regard to its half-life and active life (and testing time), I almost see what I see in the study. One study showed that the half-lives of Furazabol in the two human subjects were 1.87 and 1.29 h, respectively, and the recovery was 48% on average (33% for the other and 15% for the other). Unfortunately, the tested athlete, Furazabol, is metabolized to 16 hydroxyfuritonin in the body and then excreted in the urine. The presence of this compound in the urine can be monitored by a very simple standard method (4) for urine screening, and this is incorporated into the IOC and other such ineffective agencies using the general metabolic steroid test Program.

This thing (for me) really interesting is that it is a DHT-derived steroid that has an in vivo metabolic rating that lowers cholesterol! Often compared to Winstrol for a number of reasons: it is structurally a DHT molecule with 17-alpha-methyl (as you know) that has hepatotoxicity and oral availability. In addition, it does not have 3 ketone groups, which are required for strong androgen binding capacity, so this defect can damage its overall androgen rating. Like Winstrol, it is not any way of estrogen and can not be fragrant and you only need to worry about DHT side (acne, hair loss, etc.) and possible liver problems. However, while Winny really KILLS your cholesterol value, furazabol actually improved them! In one study, furazabol was administered for 3 months at a daily dose of 0.04, 0.2 or 1 mg / subject (in this case, rat), plasminogen (substances found in body fluids and plasma) When activated, becomes a hemagglutinin in the plasma found in the plasma, which catalyzes the decomposition of the blood clotting agent) activity in the blood. In addition, plasma fibrinogen levels are expected to decrease in rat lung tissue. Of course, this will greatly increase your blood clotting time. Using Furazabol (8) also has lower plasma cholesterol levels, which of course means that it is a fairly safe oral. One month after stopping treatment, these altered parameters tend to return to normal (8), which is very common with most of the metabolic steroids (especially with Winny).

This steroid is quite confusing to me because it is considered a good treatment for hyperlipidemia (lower cholesterol), and this does not affect proteinuria (to prevent excretion of amino acids) (12). In general, steroids, as you would expect (and hopefully) affect proteinuria. This is derived from DHT, which seems to have a relatively low androgen binding capacity, which makes it less effective than proteinuria, compared with its synthetic metabolic rating is even more confusing. It should be noted that the dose used in this study is 1.1 mg / kg / day for 1 mg of the product presented. This means that a 200-pound bodybuilder uses about 100 milligrams a day. I think a reasonable synthetic metabolic effect will be about 50-100mgs / day. If you are worried about cholesterol, it may also be a similar steroid for a period of time. You will get an anabolic effect (remember that its synthetic metabolic rating is roughly the same as that of Winstrol); therefore, you only need a pill to build muscle and lower cholesterol. Then it is actually a hundred capsules because it is in the form of 1mg. Why should you make a pill in the form of 1mg if you need 100 / day? I just do not understand

Furazabol is not any way of estrogen. Its structure and lack of estrogen make it a proper precontest drug because I cannot imagine anything to get, rather than high quality muscle. Only opportunities for androgen risks are small, so for women and men, this may be a good drug, although the latter as an independent synthetic metabolite is certainly not worth considering. The most unfortunate part of this drug is the current availability (low) and cost (high).





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