Testosterone Propionate Test P Powder 57-85-2

Testosterone Propionate Test P Powder 57-85-2

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction (USAN,BAN)(Brand name Agrovirin,Andronate,Andrusol-P,Masenate,Neo-Hombreol,Oreton,Perandren,Synandrol,Testoviron,many others)or testosterone propionate(also known as propionyl testosterone)Androgen and anabolic steroids and testosterone...

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Testosterone Propionate





Molecular Weight



1.1±0.1 g/cm3

Boiling Point

454.6±45.0°C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Flash Point



White Powder


1kg foil bag







Origin China


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TT/West Union/Money Gram/Bitcoin

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3-5 working days by express normally

Product Description


(USAN,BAN)(Brand name Agrovirin,Andronate,Andrusol-P,Masenate,Neo-Hombreol,Oreton,Perandren,Synandrol,Testoviron,many others)or testosterone propionate(also known as propionyl testosterone)Androgen and anabolic steroids and testosterone esters.Testosterone was first synthesized in 1936 and found to be significantly more potent than testosterone.In synthetic esters,testosterone propionate is most effective and is therefore selected for further development and is subsequently marketed.In addition to testosterone heptanoate,testosterone propionate and testosterone undecanoate,testosterone propionate is one of the most widely used testosterone esters.

Testosterone propionate was introduced in 1937 by Schering AG in Germany under the brand Testoviron.This is the first form of testosterone to be introduced,which is the main form of testosterone used in medicine before 1960.In the 1950s,more potent testosterone esters,such as testosterone testosterone and testosterone propionate,were introduced and replaced with testosterone propionate[8]Although the testosterone propionate was still commercially available because of its short duration,And is still sold in the United States.

Testosterone is the main male sex hormone.It is the main responsibility for generating male specific characteristics.When synthesized,it is usually attached to the ester to delay its release into the body.Testosterone propionate is the shortest ester attached to testosterone.This means that it takes your body to the least time to get rid of the ester and release the maternal hormone into the body.Because of its long active life,testosterone propionate usually needs to be injected once every other day.In particular,the side effects of testosterone propionate are minimal and at least bloating;when these are stopped,these side effects usually fade away.






Testosterone propionate is pure testosterone.Although it is a perfect replica of the major naturally occurring male androgen testosterone.By design,the hormone is attached to propionic acid(propionate),a small/short ester capable of controlling the release time of the hormone.Without esters,hormones are rapidly dispersed and dissipated after administration.By linking the ester,this facilitates controlled release and allows the individual to inject less hormones.Once injected with testosterone propionate,the ester will slowly begin to separate from the hormone.When the ester is separated,testosterone begins to release into the blood.The half-life of testosterone propionate is about two days,much longer than that without ester testosterone,with a half-life of less than 24 hours.

As pure testosterone,testosterone propionate has an anabolic rating of 100 and an orrogen rating of 100.Testosterone itself represents the basis for measuring all anabolic and androgen levels in all synthetic metabolic sterols.More importantly,while carrying these structural ratings,its translation score is perfectly matched.Testosterone propionate produces significant anabolic and androgenic activity.This is important because not all of the steroids are in line with the structural rating of their translation capacity.

Despite the synthetic properties,testosterone propionate is an effective hormone for the treatment of low testosterone.Testosterone is a hormone necessary for men and women that affect our physical,mental and sexual health.Although the male production and essential,but requires women about ten times the female.If you suffer from low testosterone,more than 20 million men in the United States suffer from some type of androgen deficiency,and testosterone propionate will remedy the problem.However,although effective,after all it is testosterone,it is not a preferred form of treatment because it will require frequent injections.Testosterone and testosterone are still the main form of treatment plan.However,if you suffer from acetic acid testosterone,it is a suitable choice.

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