Testosterone Decanoate Neotest 250 Powder 5721-91-5

Testosterone Decanoate Neotest 250 Powder 5721-91-5

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction Testosterone decanoate(BAN)is an androgen and anabolic steroids and testosterone esters.It is or is already an integral part of Sustanon,as well as testosterone propionate,testosterone phenylpropionate and testosterone isohexanoate.Testosterone...

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Testosterone Decanoate





Molecular Weight



1.1±0.1 g/cm3

Boiling Point

539.2±50.0°C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Flash Point



White Powder


1kg foil bag


470-705 USD/KG





Origin China


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TT/West Union/Money Gram/Bitcoin

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3-5 working days by express normally

Product Description


Testosterone decanoate(BAN)is an androgen and anabolic steroids and testosterone esters.It is or is already an integral part of Sustanon,as well as testosterone propionate,testosterone phenylpropionate and testosterone isohexanoate.Testosterone decanoate has been studied as a potential long-term injection of male contraceptives.

Neotest 250 is a veterinary grade brand of a single ester testosterone caprate compound.Testosterone decanoate is one of the larger monoester testosterone compounds available,but in the pharmaceutical market,it is found only in the testosterone mixture.Testosterone decanoate is the most common compound in compounds such as Sustanon 250 and Omnadren.The latest 250 veterinary brand is no longer available.

Neotest 250 is a veterinary product made by Loeffler of Mexico.Loeffler is one of the leading companies in the DEA operating gear grinding machine bear the brunt,which will lead to the end of Neotest 250 products.From this point on,testosterone decanoate is usually found only in the testosterone mixture.You may find an underground laboratory that produces testosterone testosterone products,and may even find a person who is now using Neotest 250 name,but is unlikely,not the original.Through a suitable laboratory,long-term customers can even have a lab specifically for them to make this compound,but in fact it is not necessary because testosterone testosterone and testosterone are very easy to obtain.For both your large ester testosterone compounds,both of these compounds will be completed.






Neotest 250 is the most commonly used brand in testosterone caprate products.This is an injectable testosterone hormone that is attached to large/long decanoate.The ester itself does not affect the function and properties of the compound;no ester has this ability.However,the attached decanoate does affect the release time of testosterone.It will be a very slow testosterone that will provide slow,stable hormone release after a single injection.

Like all testosterone compounds,Neotest 250 has an anabolic rating of 100 and an orrogen rating of 100.These grades represent the baseline ratings used to measure all of the metabolic steroids.Like testosterone Cypionate,Neotest 250 will continue to moderate moderate half-life,but will be slightly longer than the Cypionate version a few days.

As testosterone,Neotest 250 can be used to treat low testosterone.Although the synthetic version of the main male androgen,once in the body who is no different.However,testosterone testosterone is not a prescribed testosterone because some testosterone mixtures are exceptions.Both Sustanon 250 and Omnadren carry decanoate,and in both cases,both compounds are used in testosterone replacement therapy.Initially,Omnadren carried the Caproate ester,but the testosterone testosterone had replaced it.Hyundai Omnadren and Sustanon 250 were mixed in a single 1 ml ampoule in a total of 250 mg:

1>30 mg testosterone propionate

2>60 mg testosterone phenylpropionate

3>60 mg testosterone isooctanoate

4>100 mg testosterone decanoate

Although testosterone testosterone appears in testosterone blends designed specifically for testosterone replacement therapy,Neotest 250 compounds are primarily used to enhance performance.Although the veterinary class is a compound,but the DEA fire is because the company is pushing it.Although it no longer exists,the Neotest 250 features and features represent all the key features and features needed to enhance the athlete.This is a very common synthetic metabolic steroid and will promote all of the following:

Enhanced Nitrogen Retention

All muscle tissue consists of about 16%nitrogen,which may lead to catabolic(muscle wasting)status when the level falls.When we keep more nitrogen,this enhances the metabolic atmosphere and promotes growth,preservation and recovery.

Enhanced Protein Synthesis

Proteins represent the major components of muscle tissue.Muscle growth and preservation is not the only important aspect,but it is the main.Synthesis refers to the rate at which the cell constructs the protein and enhances its efficiency.

Increased Red Blood Cell Count

Red blood cells are responsible for carrying oxygen and passing through the blood.With more red blood cells,this increases blood oxygen saturation.This,in turn,will promote enhanced muscle endurance and even have a positive impact on the overall performance of recovery.

Increasing IGF-1 Output

Insulin-like growth factor-1(IGF-1)is a highly synthetic metabolic naturally occurring peptide hormone that is essential for recovery and affects almost every individual in the human body.In the case of a high IGF-1 level,there are more hormones to perform the desired task.

Reduce Glucocorticoid Production

Glucocorticoids are often referred to as stress hormones,while at the same time it is necessary for us to damage muscle tissue and promote body fat.In many ways,they are opposite to the anabolic androgen steroids.Although we really need some glucocorticoids,such as cortisol,but a lot of accumulation may be on our physical and performance adverse effects.Compounds like Neotest 250 will ensure that glucocorticoids do not become dominant in the body.

Adverse Effects

Neotest 250 has the potential side effects,but testosterone hormones are usually one of the more tolerating hormones for healthy adult males.A healthy adult man does not include the problem of low testosterone because it is also good in this respect.

For patients with low testosterone,complications are rare because you only change the body's lack of things.The side effects of Neotest 250 are still possible,but the probability increases with increasing physiologic dose.However,most men can tolerate high levels of testosterone fairly well.From one person to another can be very different,but if you keep the reason,most men should not suffer.To help you understand the side effects of Neotest 250,we break it down into the respective categories and all the information you need.

Estrogen:Neotest 250 side effects can include estrogenic side effects.Testosterone has the ability to convert to estrogen due to its interaction with aromatase,which can lead to men's breast development and excessive water retention.This is not due to testosterone itself,but the resulting accumulation of estrogen is possible.If the water level reaches a high level,it can also promote high blood pressure.

In order to combat the estrogen side effects of Neotest 250 anti-estrogen medications,it is generally recommended.Not all people who use testosterone decanoate need anti-estrogen.Those who use hormone therapy for low testosterone are usually none,but some require it.Those supplements that require greater doses of testosterone in order to enhance performance will increase the odds of estrogen side effects and often benefit from the use of antiestrogens.

Anti-estrogen,selective estrogen receptor modulators(SERM's),such as clomide citrate(Clomid)or aromatase inhibitors(AI),such as letrozole(Femara),have two options.AI is the most effective because they inhibit the aromatase process and reduce the total serum estrogen levels in the body.SERM does not inhibit aromatase or reduces estrogen levels,but they do attach to estrogen receptors,thereby preventing hormone binding.

Androgen:Neotest 250 side effects may include acne,due to the abnormal androgenic properties of testosterone hormones leading to male alopecia and hair growth in the body to accelerate hair loss.Testosterone is metabolized by 5-alpha reductase,which causes the hormone to be reduced to another androgen in DHT.Although DHT has the ability to elicit these side effects of Neotest 250,this effect is highly dependent on genetic predisposition.In general,only those who are sensitive to acne without the use of synthetic metabolic steroids will be at risk.Similarly,those who are not susceptible to male baldness will not have any risk of loss of hair.If you have a preventive effect,whether you use or do not use anabolic steroids,will lose it at some point,but using Neotest 250 may speed up the process.

In order to counteract the possible male hormone side effects of Neotest 250,some may find it useful to use finasteride 5-alhpa reductase inhibitors.This inhibitor will reduce the hormone androgen.It does not completely eliminate the androgen properties,but will produce significant results.However,this also weakens the effectiveness of testosterone and can only be used if necessary.

Cardiovascular:The side effects of Neotest 250 may include high blood pressure and poor lipids.However,when controlling estrogen,high blood pressure is usually avoidable.By reducing the overall level,the use of exogenous testosterone may also have a negative effect on HDL cholesterol(good cholesterol).The data show that even moderately super physiological doses of the therapeutic dose should not have a strong negative statistical effect.However,when combined with AI,the therapeutic or super-physiological dose of testosterone can significantly inhibit HDL cholesterol levels.

Since AI is used with testosterone,the use of AI should be kept to a minimum and used only when necessary.If you can use SERM to complete the work,and many people can,this has no negative impact on your cholesterol.In fact,although anti-estrogen,but because of its estrogen-like activity in the liver,SERM has been shown to have a positive impact on cholesterol.Fredium citrate has been shown to have the strongest positive impact on all available SERMs.

Testosterone:The use of Neotest 250 will inhibit the production of all natural testosterone from men who use hormones.Most synthetic metabolites have natural testosterone inhibition,but the inhibition rate depends on the steroids being discussed

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