Nandrolone Powder 434-22-0 Muscling

Nandrolone Powder 434-22-0 Muscling

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction Nandrolone (INN, BAN), also known as 19-noradrenaline or 19-xanthoxylate, is a synthetic synthase derived from testosterone and estrogen steroid (AAS). Due to the lack of 17α-alkyl so that it is susceptible to extensive one-time metabolic effects),...

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Quick Detail

Product Name





99% above

Molecular Weight



1.1±0.1 g/cm3

Boiling Point

434.5±45.0 °C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula


Melting Point

120-125 °C

Flash Point

185.3±21.3 °C


White Powder


1kg foil bag







Origin China


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TT/West Union/Money Gram/Bitcoin

Delivery Time

3-5 working days by express normally

Product Description


Nandrolone (INN, BAN), also known as 19-noradrenaline or 19-xanthoxylate, is a synthetic synthase derived from testosterone and estrogen steroid (AAS). Due to the lack of 17α-alkyl so that it is susceptible to extensive one-time metabolic effects), is not actually used in medicine. In contrast, nandrolone is used for intramuscular injection in the form of various long-acting prodrugs (see nandrolone esters), the most common of which is Deca-Durabolin (Eubolin, Retabolil), and to a lesser extent, Durabolin, Fenobolin.






As of 2009, nandrolone was used clinically, but fewer and fewer ophthalmic treatments were available to support corneal healing in people with severe burns, cancer and AIDS in catabolic states.

Manage anemia caused by kidney problems. It can also be used to treat other conditions identified by your doctor.

Nandrolone is an anabolic steroid. It works by increasing the growth of certain tissues in the body and has been shown to improve the oxygen carrying capacity of the blood by increasing the size of hemoglobin and erythrocytes.


You are allergic to any of the ingredients in nandrolone

You are pregnant or plan to be pregnant

You have prostate cancer or breast cancer, with high calcium levels of breast cancer or severe kidney damage

If these apply to you, please contact your doctor or health care provider immediately.

Dosing Administration

Follow the doctor's instructions to use Nuo Long. Check whether the label on the drug has an accurate dose description.

Nandrolone is usually injected as an injection in your doctor's office, hospital or clinic. If you are using nandrolone at home, please follow the injection procedure taught by your health care provider.

If Nandrolone contains particles or discoloration, or if the vial is broken or damaged in any way, do not use it.

Keep the product and syringes and needles out of the reach of children and stay away from pets. Do not reuse needles, syringes, or other materials. Be properly handled after use. Ask your doctor or pharmacist to explain local regulations and handle it properly.

If you miss a dose of nandrolone, use it as soon as possible. If your next dose is almost time, skip the missed dose and return to your regular dosing regimen. Do not use 2 doses at a time.

Ask your health care provider for questions about how to use nandrolone.

Adverse Effects

Nandrolone has a very high proportion of anabolic and androgenic effects. In fact, nandrolone-like AAS and talbolone, like nandrolone itself, are said to have the highest proportion of all the AAS's metabolic and androgenic effects due to the fact that testosterone passes Is converted to dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in androgen tissue, but is contrary to norromone and similar AAS (i.e., other 19-nor-testosterone derivatives). Thus, nandrolone-like AAS, the nandrolone ester, is the most commonly used clinical AAS, which requires anabolic effect; for example, in the treatment of AIDS-related cachexia, severe burns and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However, AAS with very high levels of anabolic and androgenic effects such as norromone still has significant androgenic effects and can produce sounds such as hirsutism and women and children more and more deeply rooted.

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