Mibolerone Cheque Drops Matenon DMNT Powder 3704-09-4

Mibolerone Cheque Drops Matenon DMNT Powder 3704-09-4

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction (INN, USAN, BAN) (Brand Check Drops, Matenon; development code name U-10997), also known as 7α, 17α-dimethyl-19-noradrenaline (DMNT), is an effective oral (AAS), and 17a-alkylated derivatives of nandrolone (19-testosterone) sold by Upjohn as...

Product Details

Quick Detail

Product Name





99% above

Molecular Weight



1.0±0.1 g/cm3

Boiling Point

440.5ºC at 760mmHg

Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Flash Point



White Powder


1kg foil bag







Origin China


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TT/West Union/Money Gram/Bitcoin

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3-5 working days by express normally

Product Description


(INN, USAN, BAN) (Brand Check Drops, Matenon; development code name U-10997), also known as 7α, 17α-dimethyl-19-noradrenaline (DMNT), is an effective oral (AAS), and 17a-alkylated derivatives of nandrolone (19-testosterone) sold by Upjohn as veterinary drugs. It is considered to be an adult female dog's oral inflammation prevention (fever). Mibolone is a 17α-methyl derivative of tylosone (7α-methyl-19-nor-testosterone; MENT). The androgen receptor (AR) has a higher affinity and higher selectivity than the male AAS metribolone (17α-methyl-19-nor-δ 9,11-testosterone), although effective and significant Progestogen activity is still present. However, another study found that mitfen and metribolone had similar affinities to progesterone receptors (PR), but mitfen had only half the affinity of metribolone for AR.

Check the drops (chemical name: mibolerone) originally developed by Upjohn for the veterinary market does not mean human consumption. This can be said to be the most toxic steroids on the planet, so only 2 weeks on this AAS, 5mg daily dose is enough to allow users to experience very bad side effects. In veterinary applications, check the drip during feeding to the female dog to stop ovulation, so you can control the bit.

Since the two weeks are short, you can use this steroid and use it to get any significant muscle. Using a check drip for more than 2 weeks will definitely cause liver damage, so most users will never use it. Thus, this drug does not have enough time to deliver any significant anabolic effect.






Check the drops is a liquid preparation of steroid mitoxifen, used by bodybuilders, power tappets, powerful athletes and fighters, all of which are intended to increase aggression and performance on the day of competition. Check that the drip is effective for 30 minutes before the game. Users will experience more aggression, focus and competition drivers. Although this steroid does not contain any direct stimulants, it exhibits a very significant effect on CNS (central nervous system) through an androgen overload. This is the only reason athletes’ use this drug because the muscle gain of the drug is not obvious.

Adverse Effects

Checking the drip in the product for a few minutes will cause some apparent aggression in its users. If the product is used for two weeks or more every day, the user will experience signs of liver damage: lethargy, trouble sleep, bowel movements, yellow and yellow eyes, and sometimes lead to physical failure. This is not a benefit of steroids, which is a veterinary steroid that has been misused by many athletes for the wrong purpose.

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