Boldenone 1-dehydrotestosterone Powder 846-48-0

Boldenone 1-dehydrotestosterone Powder 846-48-0

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction Boldenon (INN, BAN) is a synthetic synthetic metabolic androgen steroid (AAS) and 1 (2), which are also known as Δ1-testosterone, 1-dehydroergic testosterone or androgen- Testosterone dehydrogenation analogues. Borden itself has never been listed; as...

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99% above

Molecular Weight



1.1±0.1 g/cm3

Boiling Point

435.6±45.0 °C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Flash Point

185.8±21.3 °C


White Powder


1kg foil bag







Origin China


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Product Description


Boldenon(INN, BAN) is a synthetic synthetic metabolic androgen steroid (AAS) and 1 (2), which are also known as Δ1-testosterone, 1-dehydroergic testosterone or androgen- Testosterone dehydrogenation analogues. Borden itself has never been listed; as a drug, it is used as octadecanoate butylene glycol, undecylate.






The use of cholesterol has long been a major drug for all kinds of animals, such as cattle. Boldenone has been shown to improve the growth of cattle and feed conversions to achieve more efficient meat production. Structurally, cholesterol ketone is only slightly different from testosterone because it has a double bond at position 1 on the A ring of the steroid structure. However, the effects and metabolism of these two drugs are very different. In addition, it has been pointed out in the literature that although the absence of methyl groups to protect the 17-OH group, the human body can be orally administered butenone. However, in view of the chemical properties of crude butanol (as undecenoate), i.e., liquid at room temperature; this is clearly a major problem in producing this oral hormone. The literature on the difference in efficacy between oral administration and the injection of dioxanone is unclear, probably due to the lack of oral use of buprenorphine.

Many people think that cholesterol is a relatively weak steroid, almost no use in bodybuilding. In recent years, with other steroids (such as primobolone), it is also increasingly popular. Many people think that their only use is to increase appetite. Of course, this mechanism is true in the use of cattle, and it is widely used in cattle and meat production industry a reason. Most users do report all AAS, and diclofen is the best to increase appetite.

Dosing Administration

The use of many top athletes gradually become more and more respected, not just to increase appetite. I suspect that the past few years, bodybuilders have not found the use of cholesterol is beneficial because they are ready to work. A popular brand of octadecenoic acid cholesterol is Ganabol; Vandenone Veterinary preparations are only 50mg per 1ml of oil. Even if the amount of 400mg per week, also need to give 8ml of oil, taking into account the user may also be riding other steroids, causing inconvenience. It is this author who believes that at least 600 mg / week of octadecene choline can produce beneficial effects, ideally 800-1000 mg / week. The use of Ganabol and other preparations, the weekly dose of 800-1000mg need 16-20ml per week, which is not practical.

In contrast to many bodybuilders, high doses of ml / ml of octadecanoic acid cholesterol are prepared. Because this hormone is liquid at room temperature, even in the up to 500mg / ml of the preparation of injection should also be no pain. Since hormones usually cause pain after intramuscular injection after injection, and because the pentadecenoate can not be crystallized as a liquid, it does not occur. Fortunately, many "underground laboratories" are producing formulations of butylene octadecenoate at a concentration of at least 200 mg / ml, which means that a dose close to 1000 mg per week should not be cumbersome.

In terms of higher doses of cholesterol, the user may wish to achieve a better result than the previously recommended 400 mg / week or lower cycle results. Cholesterol itself is aromatic, but the rate of occurrence is significantly lower than testosterone. Thus, unless a very high dose is used and highly sensitive to estrogen, the user does not have to worry about the occurrence of men's breast development or other estrogen-related side effects. However, in most cases, no negative estrogen problems occur. It should be noted that estrogen is beneficial (e.g., up-regulation of androgen receptors) and, therefore, to a large extent, a small amount of aromatization has practical benefits. Choline ketones have a physical and metabolic properties, but are very mild androgen, so users with adverse side effects of strong androgens (e.g., terrero) should not use cholesterol (unless a very high dose is used).

As already mentioned, one of the most attractive positive effects of using cholesterol is the dramatic increase in appetite. This makes bold dietary supplements for those who strive to consume large amounts of calories (muscle growth required), and may be useful in combination with severe circulation, where higher doses of other AS tend to suppress The user's appetite. If you suppress your appetite in a cycle, they will greatly curb your interest, then the cycle of heavy exercise is clearly of no significance, so in this sense, cholesterol can be used for the heavier cycle of the advanced bodybuilder to provide a Advantage.

For athletes participating in cardiovascular exercise, the most favorable another is characterized by the fact that cholesterol directly stimulates the kidney to produce erythropoietin (EPO). EPO is a hormone that increases the amount of red blood cells in the blood, thereby increasing blood viscosity, but more importantly, allowing more oxygen to carry cells into the body, thereby improving the performance of aerobic exercise. This may also help to increase the user's vascular distribution. However, in general, since cholesterol is mild in AS, although some androgen effects such as acne and increased body hair may occur at high doses, the negative side effects will be minimal.

Adverse Effects

Cholesterol activity is mainly synthetic metabolites, with low androgenic potency. Boldenone will increase nitrogen retention, protein synthesis, increase appetite and stimulate the release of kidney erythropoietin. Synthesized Boldenone is to try to produce a long-acting injection of Dianabol for androgen deficiency. Choline ketone is similar to methyl testosterone and has less adverse androgenic effects [requires medical reference although usually compared with norovonone, choline esters lack progesterone receptor interactions and all associated progestin side effects.

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