GW501516 GSK-516 Endurobol 317318-70-0 for Muscling

GW501516 GSK-516 Endurobol 317318-70-0 for Muscling

Quick Detail Product Description Introduction Cardarine (GW-501516) is a drug that binds to PPAR receptors. It was first created by GlaxoSmithKline Kline and Ligand Drugs in 1992. It has been found that Cardarine recruits the so-called coactivator PGC-1 alpha enzyme when combined with the PPAR...

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99% above

Molecular Weight



1.4±0.1 g/cm3

Boiling Point

584.5±60.0 °C at 760 mmHg

Molecular Formula


Melting Point


Flash Point

307.3±32.9 °C


White Powder


1kg foil bag







Origin China


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Product Description


Cardarine (GW-501516) is a drug that binds to PPAR receptors. It was first created by GlaxoSmithKline Kline and Ligand Drugs in 1992. It has been found that Cardarine recruits the so-called coactivator PGC-1 alpha enzyme when combined with the PPAR receptor, which then increases the energy of the gene involved in the scaffold. Rats treated with Cardarine showed increased fatty acid metabolism and increased prevention of obesity in food diets and increased protection against type-2 diabetes. In another study of rhesus monkeys, macaques showed increased HDL (good cholesterol) and reduced LDL (bad cholesterol). The reason for this action appears to be caused by an increase in the expression of the cholesterol transporter ABCA1. In other words, monkeys activate the same genetic pathways involved in exercise. In addition, the use of macaques in the treatment of heart disease was studied before the development stopped in 2007.

GW 501516 (or Cardarine) is a research chemistry developed in the 1990s to prevent and cure the formation of colon, prostate and breast tumors. Studies in the early 20th century found that GW 501516 and other PPAR agonists were also able to block metabolic disorders, such as obesity and diabetes, by specific gene expression.

With the continuous development of the study, bodybuilders quickly caught the GW 501516, called the ultimate endurance enhancement supplement. GW eliminates the ability of excess adipose tissue, enhances resilience and greatly increases endurance, making the product the main content of each player cycle and PCT. In the past 20 years did not find harmful side effects, no wonder why GW 501516 has become the world of sports and athletic ability legend.






Cardarine is almost all great! Unbelievable endurance benefit may be the most important reason for using the product. Not only prove that it can improve the endurance of scientific research, and when you use it yourself, you will find the result is amazing! If you are a fun addict, or just getting thinner, it will increase your running time. Your weightlifting session will be further extended and you will feel more time and get more work before going out of the gym every day.

Of course, fat reduction is one of the reasons many people like Cardarine. Lines and veins become more pronounced, your fat reduction journey becomes easier, and most of the fat burners and drugs can reduce the catabolic effect. Fat loss from valine is the result of increased glucose uptake in skeletal muscle. Basically, you are making better use of the daily consumption of nutrients and reducing the amount of carbohydrates or fats stored as adipose tissue. Therefore, kiwi not only has the burning fat and anti-catabolic effect, but also has a certain role in the synthesis of metabolism.

Cardarine can stack almost anything and it will enhance the results of the loop. For the anabolic androgenic steroid drugs, dementia against the "popular" negative effects, and even enhance the positive effect is very good.

Dosing Administration

Cardarine will benefit from 10-15 mgs / day of endurance and fat oxidation for the ideal 8-week cycle. However, 8-12 weeks of daily 20 mg is the recommended dose, allowing you to get the best results inside and outside the gym. Cardarine is a substance that is banned in some sports, so if you are a tested athlete, it is recommended that you use it carefully.

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