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99% SR9009 powder E-mail:claire@chembj.com Skype: live:695059711 whats app:+8618123714275 Quick detail What is Stenabolic (SR9009)? Also known as Stenabolic, SR9009 developed by the Scripps Institute under the leadership of Professor Thomas Burris. As mentioned earlier, SR9009 is an...

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99% SR9009 powder E-mail:claire@chembj.com Skype: live:695059711 whats app: +8618123714275

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What is Stenabolic (SR9009)?

Also known as Stenabolic, SR9009 developed by the Scripps Institute under the leadership of Professor Thomas Burris.

As mentioned earlier, SR9009 is an orally-synthesized Rev-Erb ligand. This is a very unique compound. By stimulating Rev-Erb protein, SR9009 can greatly affect the body's large regulatory mechanism. For example, it can affect circadian rhythm, lipid and glucose metabolism, fat storage cells, and macrophages. Thus, Stenabolic will allow the user to lose fat and significantly increase endurance, both of which are very desirable for athletes

How SR9009 works?

By combining and activating the Rev-Erb protein, Stenabolic triggers a very extensive process within the body. The most prominent is the increase in mitochondrial count and increased metabolism in muscle.

As the number of mitochondria in the muscle increases, the user will notice a sharp improvement in endurance and muscle strength. In fact, the mice used in the study can run more than 50% of the SR9009 in terms of distance and time. It is possible because these mitochondria are the mitochondria that produce energy in the body. In addition, due to the increase in the number of macrophages, defective mitochondria are removed from the muscle and replaced with new ones.

In addition, even if the user rests, the change in metabolic rate also increases the energy consumption by 5%; therefore, SR burns excess calories and does not allow them to be converted into fat. This increases with the increase in glucose metabolism, which helps to burn fat effectively, which makes the body's function if it is in constant motion.

Medical uses

Logically, the SR9009 has so many positive effects that will have a very wide range of applications in medicine. For example, a sharp decline in triglycerides and plasma glucose will be a great help in the treatment of type 2 diabetes. More importantly, aging is a key factor in the treatment of muscle loss and muscle loss caused by muscle aging.

In addition, the SR9009 will allow physicians to treat obesity due to medical reasons that can not be trained or carried out by any movement because it can replace the movement. Finally, it is difficult to overestimate its effectiveness in the treatment of cholesterol-related disorders or metabolic syndrome.

Uses in bodybuilding

There is no need to be the genius to achieve all the possibilities for the SR9009 to open to athletes - stunning endurance and strength, fat reduction, muscle hypertrophy (growth), improved cholesterol and blood sugar levels, and increased metabolism. Thus, one can expect the results to be similar to Canaan (GW-501516), but with more additional benefits.

In addition, since the stenabolic works well solo or stack, it would be a very good addition to any steroids or SARMS loops and will be used with Cardarine will give very impressive results.

All in all, Stenabolic will allow you to do more heart training, raise more, lose weight, gain lean muscle mass, and increase cholesterol levels. When using SR with steroids similar to Anavar or Trenbolone, cholesterol and heart management are important.

Recommended dosages

The optimal dosage range is 20 to 30 mg (mgs) per day. However, there is a drawback - because the half-life is very short, you will need to place it all in the best balance of the active substance in the body. Therefore, depending on the exact dose used, it is best to use once every 2-4 hours. For example, when the daily dose is 30 mg, 10 mg can be taken every 4 hours.

Side Effects

So far, SR9009 has not observed side effects, so it can be seen as a very safe compound. Since Stenabolic is not a hormone drug, it does not become estrogen and does not inhibit the production of natural testosterone. In addition, like other SARMSs, SR9009 is not toxic to the liver, but requires liver supplements when using the liver. N2Guardat 3-5 capsules per day will be sufficient for liver and kidney support.

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